COLORADO SPRINGS — On Wednesday, Governor Jared Polis signed an executive order protecting reproductive health care and the privacy of Coloradans.

“All people in Colorado have the right to make personal choices about their reproductive health care,” the executive order reads. “The recent United States Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization does not alter or negatively impact anyone’s rights under Colorado Law.”

The executive order aims to protect Coloradans’ freedoms from being infringed upon by laws enacted in other states, as well as ensure that workers who seek abortions cannot be discriminated against.

“Colorado is experiencing a workforce shortage in many professions, and disqualifying people because they were prosecuted for taking actions in other states that are fully legal under Colorado law would hurt our economy and our State,” the executive order states. 

The Governor’s action directs the Department of Regulatory Affairs to protect people working in Colorado from any disciplinary action against a professional license for providing or seeking reproductive health care in Colorado or any other state. The action further makes it clear that Colorado will not cooperate with criminal or civil investigations in other states for health decisions that are legal in Colorado.

“I will exercise the full extent of my discretion to decline requests for the arrest, surrender, or extradition of any person charged with a criminal violation of a law of another state where the violation alleged involves the provision of, assistance with, securing of, or receipt of reproductive health care, unless the acts forming the basis of the prosecution of the crime charged would also constitute a criminal offense under Colorado law,” the executive order concludes. 

In April, Governor Polis signed into law the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which codifies protections to ensure that abortion and choice remain legal in Colorado. 

“Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) is so proud to provide care in states that take decisive action to secure reproductive freedom,” said Adrienne Mansanares, President and CEO of PPRM. “Today’s executive order makes two things very clear: If you are a patient seeking abortion care, you are safe and welcome in Colorado. If you are a health care provider serving local patients and those forced to travel here for access to this essential health care, you are safe and welcome in Colorado. We’ve long been known as a safe state for access to abortion care, and we’re grateful for this order which reinforces that important message.”

You can read the executive order in its entirety on Governor Polis’s Facebook page.