(COLORADO SPRINGS) — With cold weather creeping up, car thieves are on the lookout and ready to take advantage of drivers who leave their cars running.

Both the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) and Pueblo Police Department (PPD), said officers are already seeing car thefts from people puffing, or in other words, starting their car early while they are not in it.

Police said it only takes a split second for someone to steal a car while it’s puffing outside a home or store, and that’s just the start of the long road ahead.

“If there are personal documents in the vehicle, you might become a victim of identity theft. If you leave your garage door opener in there and they puff your vehicle, they might be able to come back to your house later and break into your house, simply using the garage door. So, there’s a lot of other financial and other problematic issues that happen by puffing,” said M.J. Thomson, Crime Prevention Officer with CSPD.

If a driver is caught puffing, there is a fine of $60 in Colorado Springs and $75 in Pueblo. The one exception, a remote start car, as you can not drive the car without the keys in it.