Police determine no credible threats determined against Chinook Trail Middle School

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COLORADO SPRINGS — On Monday, Dec. 6, the Colorado Springs Police Department School Resource Officer Unit was notified through Safe2Tell about a few concerning social media posts involving potential threats to Chinook Trail Middle School.

The SRO Unit immediately began to identify both the students in the photos as well as determine if there were any credible threats to students or staff. Following a very thorough investigation, it has been determined there are no credible threats.

SROs interviewed multiple students (including those in the photos), spoke with family members, conducted follow-up, and more.

The CSPD said that the department fully understands the concern that photos like these can cause but wants to ensure the community that neither law enforcement nor school administrators believe there is a credible threat stemming from these photos.

The department said that it has received dozens of Safe2Tell tips, many of which were shared widely on social media without context or accuracy. Many individuals were sharing rumors on social media, leading to added confusion.

The following was debunked while examining the case and has been shared by the CSPD:

  • The photos being shared of firearms were taken more than a year ago and were in no way related to any threats to the school. There was also a photo of a student with a knife, which was also found to be taken more than two months ago at a different location that was not the school. However, because many people screenshotted these photos, many believed they were new and shared them on social media claiming they were part of a recent threat.
  • One photo was posted depicting a student with a birthday cake accompanied by a caption that read “three more days,” attributing the countdown to their birthday. However, someone on social media made their own assumption that the photo must have been associated with a threat and a school shooting would occur in three days. This spread quickly on social media. SRO’s have continued to follow-up on these claims, and nobody can say how this connection was made.
  • A “hit list” was reported to law enforcement that many students and parents tied to the original photos. During our investigation, it was found that students were speaking amongst themselves and created a list of who they thought might be a target in a school shooting if a threat was carried out by a specific person. No “hit list” was ever created, yet this was also widely circulated.

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