COLORADO SPRINGS — The Home Depot in southeast Colorado Springs was evacuated after a police chase led into the store Friday afternoon.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD), at around 1 P.M., officers were following a stolen car when it pulled into a parking lot at The Home Depot located in the area of N Academy Boulevard. Two male suspects fled the vehicle and ran from officers. Both suspects were armed with guns, but one of the suspects threw the gun away.

Police chased the suspects on foot through the parking lot of The Home Depot; one suspect was caught in the parking lot and arrested, while the other man was captured but not before making it inside the store, CSPD said.

The Home Depot was evacuated as a precaution after a police chase led into the store / FOX21 Chief Photojournalist Mike Duran

The store was evacuated as a precaution, and no individuals were injured.

Both suspects have several pending criminal charges, according to CSPD.