COLORADO SPRINGS — A man is in custody on pending charges after Colorado Springs police say he broke into a local business, set fire to an office, and threatened people passing by with a machete.

The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) first responded to the scene after 2:00 Saturday afternoon when the man was first on the rooftop of the Roadway on South Nevada Avenue, just south of I-25.

That’s when the suspect began making the threats, then jumped onto the roof of the Big O’ Tire business.

CSPD Sgt. Jim Jeffcoat said they were tracking the suspect with a drone and, eventually, the tactical unit responded to the scene.

Before the Tactical Unit responded, Jeffcoat said the suspect threw bricks at responding officers, though none of them were hit. The suspect then threatened self-harm if officers got too close.

“If we got too close, he was discussing that he wanted to be shot and we refused to do that,” Jeffcoat said. “We would much rather have a peaceful ending and have a sensible conversation and have him come down and buy some time.”

A police K9 unit eventually took the suspect down so officers could take him into custody.

CSPD later identified the suspect as William Shadden, 35. Shadden faces several misdemeanor and felony charges.

He is being treated at a local hospital for injuries related to the dog bite and broken glass. At last check, he has been booked into the El Paso County Jail. He has a bond of $10,000.