COLORADO SPRINGS — A Colorado bill that aims to change Pikes Peak Community College’s name has been approved and is now on its way to the state senate.

House Bill 22-1280 aims to rename Pikes Peak Community College to Pikes Peak State College. It was created by State Rep. Tony Exum and Rep. Marc Snyder who say they are battling the stigma that the term “community college” creates.

“Despite the many benefits offered to students who attend local colleges, there is a stigma about community colleges which wrongly believes that because they are ‘only community colleges’ then they are ‘not real colleges’,” Exum wrote. “Community colleges are looked down upon, as being something less than other colleges, for no good reason.”

According to Exum, the bill unanimously passed the Colorado State House by a vote of 64 to 1. The bill now goes to the state senate for further consideration.

You can read the bill here.