(PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo.) — The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) is applauding the actions of a deputy who rescued the driver of a burning truck on Highway 50 who was experiencing a medical emergency.

According to PCSO, Deputy McGrath was on routine patrol just before 1 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 31 on westbound Hwy 50 near Purcell Boulevard, when he saw a truck and trailer off to the side on the shoulder of the road.

Deputy McGrath noticed heavy smoke coming from the engine compartment and realized the truck was on fire.

The deputy removed a gas can from the bed of the truck, and with the assistance of a Department of Corrections employee who also stopped to help, they found a 78-year-old man who appeared to be suffering a medical emergency and was trapped in the vehicle.

Unable to open the door, Deputy McGrath broke the passenger window and with the help of the DOC employee got the man out of the truck and to the deputy’s patrol vehicle where he waited until paramedics arrived.

Pueblo West Fire responded to the scene and extinguished the fire. The driver of the vehicle was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.