Parents frustrated at lack of answers, late communication in VillaSport investigation

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A lot of questions remain unanswered for parents after they learned a former VillaSport employee is facing child sex assault allegations.

Police said Monday they are unable to release a photo of the suspect, 22-year-old Ryan Callins, but that they have contacted all possible victims.

Tiffani Chase, a mom of four, takes her kids to VillaSport.

She is one of many who received an email from the gym about the investigation. She says Callins interacted with her children.

“Seven years we’ve been members, I’ve ranted and raved about that gym for years, about how great the kids care is,” Chase said. “I am very much a protector and I always will be.”

“After receiving this email, I thought it’s time to sit down about this one, to see if anything inappropriate took place, and talk about some of those things that are inappropriate that could have happened,” Chase said. “It was really scary. You don’t want to scare your child, but I think my (daughter) Abigail was a little bit intimidated and scared at what I had to talk to her about.”

Her kids used to call the man now accused of sexual assault “Mr. Ryan.”

“It was a real heartbreak when it happened at our gym,” Chase said.

The police didn’t comment last week. Monday, CSPD spokesman Lt. Jim Sokolik sent FOX21 a message.

“I appreciate you reaching out,” Sokolik said. “While I am aware that your viewers would like to see a photo of the arrestee, this is still an active investigation and our organization owes the victim the best chance of bringing the person who victimized them to justice. We will be able to release additional photograph or information when it will not hamper the original investigation or deny justice to any further victims identified as a result of the initial arrest.”

Tiffani said coming from a law enforcement family and being military herself, she understands protecting the police investigation. What she doesn’t understand is why it took so long for her to hear about it.

As FOX21 initially reported, the incident allegedly took place sometime in 2018. An affidavit shows Callins was terminated from VillaSport on November 13, 2018. However, the incident wasn’t reported to police until February 2019.

“That’s where my frustration comes in,” Chase said. “We are now in July. If something was known in February or March earlier this year, I feel like there’s an obligation to parents of children in that facility, to at least have said something to us.”

Chase said they hope they find a resolution right away, and that the little girls and their families who made the report are okay.

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