Parasol Patrol shields kids from protesters at Manitou Springs High School

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MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. — Parasol Patrol, a community support group, used umbrellas to shield kids from Westboro Baptist Church protesters on Monday morning outside of Manitou High School.

The school issued a two-hour delay on Sunday evening as a precaution.

About 50 members of the community showed up to counter Westboro’s protestors, they were joined by members of Parasol Patrol.

“We shield kids at LGBTQIA events and other community events from protesters by using umbrellas to block view of their signs and angry faces and ear protection usually, so they won’t have to hear what’s being yelled and shouted at them,” said Parasol Patrol co-founder Pasha Eve.

“Being a teenager is hard enough. It really I think helps them know that there are places for them and there is support out there for them, and they aren’t as alone as they feel like they are sometimes,” she continued.

Manitou alumni joined a crowd of counter protestors to show support, including friends Kaitlynn Moore and Jocelyn McConnaughey-Farmer.

“I went to school here… so I wanted to come out here and love all of them,” said Manitou graduate Kaitlynn Moore.

“Ignore all the hate from everyone and feel the love from everyone and don’t let anything in life push you down – be who you need to be,” said Manitou graduate Jocelyn McConnaughey-Farmer.

The protest was short lived, as the Westboro group retreated amidst growing crowds of counter protestors.

“The hashtag that we use is #LoveWins and we really do think that in the end love does win,” said Eve.

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