Reaction after man shot by police in Wisconsin ripples into southern Colorado

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KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — A Black man was shot by a white police officer in Kenosha Wisconsin Sunday evening.

Jacob Blake is in a Milwaukee hospital after he was shot numerous times by police.

Jacob Blake, who was hospitalized in serious condition, was shot, allegedly in the back, as he leaned into his SUV while his children sat in the car.

Authorities are not revealing details about what exactly prompted an officer to fire his weapon; they did say they were called to a domestic incident.

Somehow, the situation escalated resulting in Blake getting shot.

FOX21 News spoke to local activist and combat veteran Martin Lewis about the incident.

“This is just another example that this type of behavior is acceptable by police on a nationwide scale. that pretty alarming to see that this is happening nationwide, especially with what’s happening in our own city,” said Lewis.

He believes they could have handled it better, and said officers like the military are trained for de-escalation tactics.

“It’s either the training is not there or they don’t care. Those are literally the only two options.,” Lewis said. “I know escalation of force. its kind of mind-boggling when you see time and time again, there is no accountability for this.”

People quickly gathered at the scene, yelling at the police for answers. The officers involved have been placed on administrative leave.


The ACLU responded on twitter saying in part:

Late Sunday afternoon in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Jacob Blake was the victim of another disgusting act of police brutality. Within full view of his 3 children seated in the backseat, Blake was shot 7 times in the back while walking away from police officers and opening his car door.


Protesters set cars on fire and clashed with officers in riot gear Sunday night.

Wisconsin’s governor has summoned the National Guard to head off another round of violent protests after the police shooting of a Black man under murky circumstances turned Kenosha into the nation’s latest flashpoint in a summer of racial unrest, according to the Associated Press.

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers says 125 members of the National Guard will be in Kenosha Monday night with the responsibility for “guarding infrastructure and making sure our firefighters and others involved are protected.”

Colorado Springs Police Department and the Pueblo Police Department have no comment on this situation.

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