COLORADO SPRINGS — The Rocky Mountain Americans with Disabilities Act Center is celebrating 30 years of the ADA with a one-of-a-kind race kart.

The Storm Duo Kart, funded by the center and raced at OverDrive in Colorado Springs, has two steering wheels, two seats, and can go up to 45 MPH. But the best part of the vehicle is it gives families with different needs, like the Rogers, the chance to race.

“Isaac was born full-term and ended up having a very complex medical history with a lot of challenges, doctors didn’t know if he would survive the first few years,” said Sarah Rogers, Isaac’s mom. “He’s got a lot of diagnoses, he’s legally blind and has a metabolic disorder.”

So, 18-year-old Isaac has learned to adapt, and in the process, had to put limitations on some of his favorite activities, including racing.

“He’s kind of excluded from the regular racing experience that you and I can participate in,” said Sarah.

However, the Storm Duo Kart is making the impossible, possible, and offering Isaac the opportunity to take on the competition.

“I leave my cousins behind,” Isaac told FOX21 News. “I smoke them.”

The two-seated kart is extremely rare, according to the Rocky Mountain ADA. But it is particularly useful because it helps allows racers with certain physical disabilities to ride alongside another driver.

“The ADA applies to the fun stuff too, and your recreation should be accessible as well,” said Emily Shuman, Deputy Director of the Rocky Mountain ADA Center.

The Storm Duo Kart is kept inside the Overdrive Raceway, the same place that sparked Isaac’s love of racing.

“Isaac has been coming here for several years. Their intention was to sit-and-watch, cause he enjoyed watching the karts go around,” said General Manager James Mundle.

For details on the availability of the Storm Duo Kart call 719-387-1437.