It’s been one month since five lives were taken at Club Q. It’s been one month since two people who were there that night stopped the gunman and ended the bloodshed.

We’re catching up with one of those heroes, combat veteran Rich Fierro and his wife, Jess, who is the owner and brew master at Atrevida Beer Co., about how their lives have changed in these past four weeks.

In the weeks since the tragedy, the Fierros have been working to keep the names of the victims of the Club Q shooting in the spotlight.

“Everybody in that building was affected and will be affected forever, so as long as we can keep some light on it, so that people will continue to donate, then that’s what we’re trying to do,” Rich said.

FOX21 asked Rich and Jess what it meant to them when Atrevida Beer Co. opened its doors for the first time since the shooting to bouquets of flowers and a line of people out the door.

“That’s what made me so happy to see so many walks of life in that line, waiting just to be a participant I guess, and to support and just that time that they took, I was thankful and I tried to shake as many hands as I could because I know it’s a lot for people to take the time to go out and do that so I treasured it,” said Rich.

Rich and Jess say people from all over the world have gone to their website and purchased merch, and locally their beer has sold out.

“Right now, we are out of my beer, however we do have really great local beer, which is from Redleg, from Storybook, Battle Mountain also donated some kegs over to us just to keep our doors open,” said Jess.

The Fierros also discussed what they’ve learned about themselves over the past four weeks.

“I think I’m more kind than I thought I was. I’ve been an angry person, various reasons and combat doesn’t help,” said Rich. “As soon as it happened, I felt a need for it to be about something positive and nice.”

Jess said, “Since I started my brewery and even prior to, it’s been hitting foot to pavement and getting work done and all of those things and really just realizing what my real priorities are, which is family, mental health, and that includes my family here at Atrevida.”

FOX21 asked the couple – what is something they’ve learned about Colorado Springs in the last four weeks.

“Everybody wants to help, you know, and that’s what’s nice about this area is, it’s a small community but people take care of each other,” said Rich.

On that tragic night, the Fierros lost the closest thing to a son-in-law, Raymond Green Vance, who was their daughter Kassie’s boyfriend since high school.

“He spent every single day at our house,” said Jess. “He would come in and his phrase was like, ‘Whats up, gang?’ like he would come in and he was literally a part of us and we don’t have that anymore and my daughter doesn’t have her other half, if you will.”

FOX21 asked if there was one thing they could say to Raymond now, what would it be?

“I’d go tell him to shovel the snow because that was our joke,” said Rich. “Literally that night, I was joking with him, ‘hey dude, you need to shovel the snow for me’.”

FOX21 asked what they would say to the four other people killed at Club Q, Derrick Rump, Daniel Aston, Ashley Paugh, and Kelly Loving.

Rich said, “I hope they knew somebody was trying and like I’ve said before, honestly I still feel bad that not everybody walked out of there that night, but at the end of the day, I hope that they know, and I hope they’re looking down and they’re saying somebody tried.”

“And their passing was not in vain. We’re pushing to make changes, the same way that Club Q and their owners are out there pushing to make change,” said Jess.