CAÑON CITY, Colo. — They say you can learn anything about a town by visiting its barbershop and Jim, of Jim’s Barbershop in Cañon City, has been getting the scoop at his chair for more than 30 years – though he’s been cutting hair 60.

Matt Meister visited with Jim during FOX21’s “We are Cañon City” week to learn more about the “movers and shakers” Jim spends time with during the day.

“I don’t know about all these movers and shakers,” Jim said. “Ranchers have been coming in after wearing their hat – their cowboy hat – for 24 hours and that was hard to cut their hair.”

And he’s seen hairstyles evolve during his time in the shop.

“Every generation has their own style,” he said. “I’ve been through Elvis Presley, I’ve been through the Beatles, and all this different stuff – crew cuts and mohawks and stuff.”

“But you do it all,” Meister said. Jim shook his head.

“I don’t do these fancy haircuts nowadays,” he said. But he’s done his fair share of neat ‘dos.

“When I first came here, the kids up in Cotopaxi, we put their football jersey numbers on the side of their head,” he said. “We did the lightning bolts and all that other stuff at one time.”

And before the FOX21 crew headed out for the morning, Jim shared a nugget of wisdom.

“I believe half of what I see,” he said. “And none of what I hear.”