COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Springs City Council has adopted a new ordinance that will require operational changes to massage parlors in the city.

Most notable of the changes is the requirement for all massage parlors to operate with a license. Previously, a license specific to the parlor was not required, which made oversight by law enforcement difficult because police and the District Attorney’s office had no effective method of shutting a business down. The scope of the problem was exacerbated because hundreds of hours of sting operation work was required to shut down an illicit massage business, and even then, the business could just pop up somewhere else.

The new ordinance allows for law enforcement to do routine inspections of facilities and licenses, and if no license can be presented, the process to shut that business down can begin immediately.

This ordinance is expected to help impede an often used avenue for sex trafficking, as many of these illicit spas involve coercion or exploitation. Lawmakers at the state capitol are working on a measure that would grant sex workers and victims of human trafficking immunity while reporting abuse, including trafficking. In addition, the state has a Human Trafficking Hotline anyone can call to report the behavior.

You can view the entire ordinance below.

Businesses will need to start registering with the city on July 1st. The ordinance goes into effect on September 1, 2022.