(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Traveling just got less stressful for jet-setting mothers thanks to a new amenity at the Colorado Springs Airport.

The airport just rolled out the first private nursing room in the terminal. And it’s a game changer for moms on the go!

“I’ve been breastfeeding my kids for four years continuously and personally this space means the world to me. To have just the privacy and normalization by just having that sign of a nursing mother outside of the door. That’s huge. Just for the advancement of breastfeeding in the state of Colorado,” said Kaitlyn Hanson, President of the Pikes Peak Breastfeeding Coalition.

On Friday, the Pikes Peak Breastfeeding Coalition certified the airport as a breastfeeding friendly business, meaning they offer a dedicated space for both travelers and employees to pump in peace.

The nursing room offers two rocking chairs, baby changing station, a sink and plenty of space for moms to relax with their babies. It’s all about comfort and convenience for traveling moms.

“They’re in a calm space where they are able to concentrate on feeding their baby. There’s not so much distraction. It’s going to be a really great help because it’s going to be one less barrier for the families to get the stuff that they need to get done,” said Diana Albor, Secretary/Treasurer of the Pikes Peak Breastfeeding Coalition.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends mothers breastfeed until children are 2-years-old.

“And with mothers increasingly going back to work much, much before that two years having spaces like this is absolutely essential to continuing to provide breast milk for their kids,” said Hanson.

“I have utilized different spaces in different airports, and this is by far one of the nicer places. And so as a mom, this means so much not only to me personally, but I love to see the other mothers using it as well as they travel,” said Dana Schield, Senior Public Communications Specialist with the Colorado Springs Airport.

The Colorado Springs Airport transformed an old business center into this lactation station as part of long-term plans to grow and improve the airport with increasing foot traffic.

“This was actually combined with that project. We are renovating our concourse in the beginning of 2023, but this is a project we wanted to get done a lot sooner for our travelers,” said Schield.

The Pikes Peak Breastfeeding Coalition is here to help businesses create spaces like this for working moms across the region.

The organization has a grant process to help any businesses make a breastfeeding friendly place. Click here to connect with the organization to make your business supportive of working mothers.

PPBC also offers a mobile station they set up for events to offer breastfeeding families a private place while they’re on the go. Find out how you can get their lactation station at your next even by clicking here.