COLORADO SPRINGS — Coloradans can now add disability information to credentials and vehicle registration to help responders in an emergency situation.

Eligible Coloradans can now voluntarily disclose they have a disability that affects their ability to communicate with first responders on their driver’s license or identification card, and/or vehicle registration. The new, optional services are helpful during medical emergencies and interactions with law enforcement when communication can be difficult.

The discreet identifier informs first responders that the license holder has a non-apparent disability that could affect their ability to communicate, including but not limited to cognitive disabilities, neurological diversities, mental health disorders, sensory needs, chronic illness and physical disabilities.

For driver’s license identifiers:

To add the identifier, Coloradans need a health care provider to sign a DMV form (DR 2093 Application for Disability Identifier Symbol), attesting the person has a disability which could affect their ability to communicate with law enforcement. Then, applicants will need to bring the completed form to their scheduled State driver’s license office appointment.

The disability identifier can be removed at a later date for free which can be done in-person during a scheduled appointment at a State driver’s license office, online at or using the myColorado app, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

For vehicle registration:

Eligible Coloradans can also voluntarily disclose their non-apparent disability on vehicle registrations, which is only accessible to law enforcement and DMV staff. The disability information will not appear anywhere on the printed vehicle registration card.

To disclose a disability on a vehicle registration, Coloradans need a health care provider to complete and sign a DMV form (DR 2215 Voluntary Disability Disclosure Application) attesting the person has a disability which could affect their ability to communicate with law enforcement. 

Eligible Coloradans can then take the form to their county motor vehicle office and request the information be added to their account. 

Anyone who adds the identifier and decides they want to remove it later can also do so for free. Coloradans can either request the disability information be removed in-person at a county motor vehicle office at any time during the registration period or online during a renewal transaction by going to

The Colorado DMV is implementing the identifier in accordance with the Disability Symbol Identification Document Act of 2021 (HB 21-1014). To read more about the new identifiers, click here.