Neighbors outraged at proposed closure of road in west Springs

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Neighbors were upset when a sign went up in their neighborhood that said a main road through the neighborhood was closing.

The city said they proposed the closure of Mayhurst Avenue after some neighbors complained of its safety.

However, FOX21’s Carly Moore spoke to neighbors in the area, who say a majority of those who live there want the road to stay open.

The city wants to close off one part of Mayhurst Avenue. So all the traffic would then be forced to take Cresta road, which neighbors believe would cause an unnecessary traffic problem there.

Cheryl Guthrie’s husband’s family has owned this home for decades and she’s lived through some natural disasters. A flood in 2013 and now she’s worried about a wildfire. This is why when she saw a street near her house that was possibly going to be closed, she started worrying.

“We would really be stuck,” Guthrie said. “Mayhurst gives us at least a chance to get out of here.”

FOX21 talked to the city who said if the proposed closure happens emergency crews would still be able to access that road.

“Yes, maybe they can come down, but we want to get out,” said Guthrie.

The city says when neighbors complained traffic engineers began looking into ways to make this road no longer dangerous. Signs that say things like ‘blind curve’ and ‘no thru traffic’ are already in place.

“It’s not like there has been this horrendous wreck, ‘we have to do something about this,’ there hasn’t been,” Guthrie said. “Mayhurst is necessary.”

Neighbors in the area tell FOX21 the reasons for a proposed closure, like a lot of traffic and deteriorating roads and dangerous driving conditions they say are bogus.

“The original problem that bothers the neighbors so much was the utility company diverting down Mayhurst from the Broadmoor, but now that the construction is over, the problem has resolved it’s self. To suggest that it be closed for any reason now is outrageous,” Jim Bensberg said.

There is a community meeting for those impacted by the closure to voice their opinion on Thursday at 6 p.m. at Cheyenne Mountain Junior High School at 1200 West Cheyenne Road.

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