Neighbors cash in on Trump rally overflow

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Thousands of people drove over to the Broadmoor World Arena ahead of President Trump’s campaign stop in Colorado Springs, and it wasn’t long before the parking lot reached max capacity.

The parking lot at the Broadmoor World Arena was filled to capacity hours ahead of President Trump’s campaign rally was set to begin on February 20, 2020/Lauren Scharf, FOX21 News

Determined to see the President speak tonight, folks who were turned away at the World Arena parking lot, drove into nearby neighborhoods, creating a traffic nightmare in the area.

Still, neighbors in the area were ready to cash in on the opportunity. Some put up signs on their driveways, letting those scrambling to park know they can pay to park.

“I decided to take advantage of the situation and make a little money and charge $50 for parking,” Steven Reid, a neighbor in the area, said.

Reid told those who needed a spot to park they could on his driveway as long as they dish out the $50.00. Another one of his neighbors also joined in on charging people to park on their driveway.

“‘Our first customer said ‘you have parking here?’ he offered us $30 and everything was history after that,” Kiana Meldez said.

Meldez ended up charging less than Reid. But they both had people pay to park.

“I was confused about what was going on. Then I realized they made a makeshift parking area down here,” Ian Reitmayer, who paid $20 a neighborhood over said.

Meldez said around 5 pm Thursday she had already made $150.

Rally-goers were willing to pay steep fees and walk several blocks, in order to attend the rally.

Police did patrol the neighborhoods when neighbors called, according to one neighbor FOX21 spoke with.

FOX21 did not see anyone get towed or ticketed while out during the rally.

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