Moms meet on Day of Remembrance for murdered teens and kids

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Wednesday was the nationwide Day of Remembrance – honoring kids who were murdered.

Family and friends in southern Colorado met to honor their children gone too soon. This is the 8th year they have held this remembrance ceremony and it’s all about bringing those grieving together.

“Stop killing our children stop it guys,” Founder of Mother’s of Murdered Youth Jennifer Romero pleaded.

At the front of the church there were dozens of pictures.

“Until it actually happens to you, you don’t know what it feels like,” Romero explained. “In 1997, my son Gino was murdered in a drive by shooting and the support that was out there was not what I was looking for. I wanted to honor my son, I wanted his memory to live forever just cause he died I don’t want people to forget him.”

The group helps bring other moms and victims of similar tragedies together.

“Because the truth is were all someones children anyone who has loved a loved one through violence we want to be there to help them — families and friends we develop friendships and relationships and connections we love each other and were all of a sudden gone there is no easy way to loose a loved one,” Life Church of Colorado Springs Pastor Clifton Turner said.

Romero said the group along with her son’s detective kept her going.

“I would call him screaming that I wanted to go kill him,” Romero added. “I knew who they were. I called him screaming saying, ‘I wanted to kill myself he would always talk me down.'”

“You say hey this is my loved one, I loved them, I don’t want to ever forget them,” Turner explained.

Romero said when teens are murdered it can gain a stigma so she hopes other people open their minds and hearts to these kids killings and understand how hard it is for these parents.

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