COLORADO SPRINGS — On an otherwise routine Wednesday last week, the Animal Law Enforcement (ALE) team with the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) received an urgent call. A dog was stuck on a cliff overlooking Fountain Creek.

Officers Barker and Johnson rushed to the scene and spotted the animal, on a small ledge, through their binoculars. They estimated the ledge was about 50 yards high.

Per HSPPR, a man who lives in the area gave the officers a mountaineering harness and a repelling rope. Officer Barker anchored herself to a fencepost and began repelling down to the dog – but she couldn’t quite make contact. At that point, Officer Johnson lowered a catchpole, which Officer Barker secured around the dog. Working together, the two officers were able to pull the dog to safety.

Officer Barker works to reach the stranded dog.

The dog was microchipped and, they learned, named “Jessie Lee.” HSPPR was able to pull up the owners’ information and gave them a call. The owners said they’d been searching for Jessie Lee, every day, for two long weeks.

They came right away to pick up their beloved pup and, finally, the whole family is together.