FOUNTAIN, Colo. — This month marks one year since the Fountain Police’s Therapy Dog started his job at the department.

On Tuesday, FOX21 sat down with K9 Hulk and his handler to see how things have been doing. The Old English Sheepdog has been busy visiting schools and attending community events.

“When you have a guy like Hulk who’s just a gentle giant, although he’s big there is no intimidation factor and that’s kinda the beauty of him,” Handler Sheyna Marshall said.

Therapy dogs like Hulk are used to help police officers and those within the community in times of crisis. Hulk’s handler said it especially helps children with 80% being more likely to disclose traumatic events that have happened to them with a dog present.

“He’s even gone to a funeral and kiddos responded very well to him,” Marshall said. “He just brings a happiness to most people’s faces.”

Several law enforcement agencies in our area are also looking into starting a similar therapy dog program.

“It really just brings a different side to law enforcement,” Marshall said. “A kinder gentler side, but it really just opens up the lines of communications that are really important.