Mayor John Suthers urges patience during investigation into deadly officer-involved shooting

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Protesters marched down streets of Colorado Springs over the weekend, demanding justice for De’von Bailey, the 19-year-old who was shot and killed August 3 by police.

“I would ask the community to let the process run its course,” Mayor John Suthers stated Wednesday.

Bailey’s family called him a victim of police brutality. Days later, protesters stormed police headquarters, questioning officers’ handling of the deadly incident.

Mayor Suthers said this is the seventh officer-involved shooting this year, but the first to involve protests.

“It’s a race issue in that we’ve had seven officer involved shootings this year and no one was protesting any others. This is the first where an African American was shot. So I assume it’s a race issue of some sort,” Mayor Suthers said.

As for the video that surfaced that showed moments of interaction between Bailey and police during the shooting that ultimately claimed Bailey’s life, Mayor Suthers said it’s just a portion of what happened.

“That’s one snippet of tape that doesn’t have the whole incident on it, but I urge people to understand, there is a lot more evidence on what happened and wait for more to come forward,” Mayor Suthers said.

Several protesters want to see the police body camera footage. FOX21 News asked the Mayor when he expected that to be released.

“You’ll have to talk to the El Paso County Sheriff and the District Attorney but I feel like this happened Saturday and it’s Wednesday. I think they are moving fairly quickly,” Mayor Suthers said.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is the lead investigative agency for this incident.

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