MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. — The City of Manitou Springs released the preliminary election results for a proposed third recreational marijuana shop in Manitou Springs. The election was held on January 18, 2022.

1,302 voted against the ordinance while 424 voted for it, according to the preliminary election results released.

The proposed ordinance would have established the third recreational marijuana shop within 150 feet of Highway 24 in a commercial zone and would have called for 100 parking spaces.

The coalition opposing it sent the following statement:

“We needed to protect what makes Manitou Springs unique and attracts visitors. Ordinance 1121 threatened our small community and everything that makes us special. This ballot measure was underhanded and a slippery slope. 

And voters rightly saw through it. If Manitou Springs is going to open more marijuana businesses, we need a real public discussion, not a ballot measure snuck through in a January special election. This landslide margin is a mandate that special interest politics have no place in Manitou Springs local elections.

We are grateful the citizens and city council have spoken and overwhelmingly rejected the initiative. Our votes have ensured a fair and truly informed process for all decision-making here in Manitou. Together, we’re continuing to protect the future of our historic home.”

With the voters’ decision against the proposed ordinance, Manitou Springs will only be allowed two recreational marijuana shops.

Maggie’s Farm Marijuana Dispensary and Emerald Fields are the two recreational shops in Manitou Springs.