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MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. — Reduction in the transmission of COVID-19 to ensure the safety of our residents, employees, and visitors is the City of Manitou Springs’ number one priority.

To provide a safe environment for our community, the City of Manitou Springs, will continue to temporarily close the Incline, which lies within the City’s limits.

The City, under emergency declaration, has the authority to close the Incline in order to
protect its community, employees, and visitors. Due to the large number of visitors on the
Incline, social distancing requirements and proper mask usage cannot be properly enforced,
thus it is in the interest of safety that the Incline is closed.

Information regarding the Incline was presented to Manitou Springs City Council Tuesday night, but due to the vast amount of data and research regarding the Incline, the City requested more time to formulate an approach that will preserve the health and safety of those who wish to climb the Incline.

Manitou Springs City Council plans to revisit the Incline on May 26th, therefore, the Incline will remain closed until then, or until City Council votes to open it.

“The Incline closure will remain in effect. Public health concerns are still a grave consideration, we have reviewed a number of factors, and we feel it would be irresponsible to open the trail at present. Past experience shows that the concentration of people poses a continuing risk to the public, both to Manitou Springs residents and Incline users.”

John Graham, Mayor of Manitou Springs

The City of Colorado Springs did not close the Incline, but they have agreed that Manitou Springs has the authority to close it.

“We have been made aware of enforcement issues in regard to the City of Manitou’s decision to close the Manitou Incline,” Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said. “While the City of Colorado Springs manages the Incline, the bottom portion of the Incline is within the jurisdiction of the City of Manitou and subject to any emergency orders it may issue. Manitou has made a decision to enact an emergency closure of the Incline within its city limits. They have the legal authority to do so, and the City of Colorado Springs encourages all residents to comply with Manitou’s temporary emergency order.” 

The first responders who address emergencies on the Incline, are among the public’s most
important assets during the COVID-19 crisis. The City of Manitou Springs has closed the
Incline to protect these first responders from placing themselves in an unsafe position.

The Incline is an attraction that averages 1,000 visitors a day, and due to the COVID-19
crisis, the City of Manitou Springs has found it in the best interest of the public’s health and
well-being, to temporarily close the Incline.

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