Editor’s note: This story has been updated to remove an inaccurate quote from police.

(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Arrest papers say a 22-year-old woman tied up a man she met on Tinder inside her Colorado Springs apartment for hours, while she apparently stabbed, choked, and threatened to kill him.

WARNING: Descriptions of violence, some graphic details.

The suspect, Lauren Dooley, was arrested on Wednesday, Sept. 28, after officers with the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) responded to an apartment complex in the 2500 block of East Cache La Poudre Street, between North Union Boulevard and North Circle Drive.

On Sept. 28 at around 5:45 p.m. officers began investigating an unknown call, where the voices of a man and woman were heard. The operator apparently heard the 21-year-old victim saying that “he was bleeding all over the bed,” and was also telling someone “because you cut me” and “you’re going to kill me.”

When police arrived, those living at the apartment complex told officers that “there was a naked male in the parking lot that needed help.” Officers then found the victim who was naked and appeared to be bleeding from a cut on his left arm.

According to the arrest affidavit, the victim was backing away from Dooley, “who appeared to have blood smeared on her arms and hands.” The victim said that Dooley “tied him up and cut him.” Dooley was then arrested and invoked her Miranda Rights, refusing to speak with officers.

The victim explained that he had met Dooley on Tinder and agreed to go over to her apartment. The two then sat on Dooley’s couch and talked for a bit, before Dooley took off his clothing and performed a sexual act on him.

Dooley then used duct tape to bind the victim’s wrists and ankles together, and while the victim found it odd, he consented at the time, according to arrest papers. However, when Dooley took out a kitchen knife and demanded he go to her bedroom, the victim “no longer consented to staying at the residence.”

Fearing Dooley would harm him, the victim obeyed and got into her bed. Dooley then climbed on top of him and used the knife to cut his left shoulder. Dooley then used her hands to apparently choke the victim for 20 seconds, followed by a belt, which she tightened around the victim’s neck for another 20 seconds, making it difficult to breathe.

Dooley became upset that the victim “was bleeding all over her bed, so she told him to get in the bathtub.” Dooley then ordered food from a food delivery app, and told the victim when the delivery driver arrived, “If you scream or say anything I’ll kill you.”

After eating, Dooley got into bed with the victim and pulled a blanket over him. The victim noticed the knife under the blanket near his feet, and when Dooley fell asleep he used the knife to cut himself free. As the victim was getting his keys and phone, he bumped into a table and woke Dooley up. He then ran to the parking lot for help.

When officers searched the apartment, they found the knife near the bed, along with several “blood-soaked rags and blood all over the bathtub.”

According to arrest papers, Dooley is now facing several felony charges including; Second Degree Kidnapping, two counts of Second Degree Assault, Menacing, and False Imprisonment, a class two misdemeanor.