Majority of D70 students are back to in-person learning

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PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. — In-person learning kicked off Monday for some students in Pueblo County School District 70. As of now, nearly 10 percent of students opted out of in-person learning.

“We have students spaced out and wearing masks,” D70 Spokesperson Todd Seip said.

Since March, the district has been hard at work coming up with a plan to bring students back. As of now, D40 elementary schools are back in session.

Changes within the schools include face coverings for each student, meals delivered to classrooms (which vary in schools), desk dividers, water fountains closed off, and outside gym class.

“It’s not gonna be perfect but I do think the district has spent the money on PPE and bringing class sizes down,” President of the Pueblo County Education Association Amy Spock said.

The district gave students the chance to opt-out of in-person learning. Due to health concerns some teachers are teaching from home.

“About 15 teachers are remote teaching,” D70 Superintendent Ed Smith said. “Many of those folks have conditions that keep them from meeting directly with students.”

Middle school and some high school students also returning to in-person learning, with the exception of the district’s two largest high schools who will shift to a hybrid schedule.

Temperature scanners have been placed throughout schools, but staff says making sure each student follows through will be a challenge.

“All the different grade levels have their own challenge,” said Spock. “Middle school and high schoolers, this is social time for them.”

Seip says the district’s food director is working on providing lunch to students who are remote learning and working on providing evening meals for students, but nothing is set in stone.

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