COLORADO SPRINGS — An unexpected turn of events caught onlookers by surprise during Friday morning’s Ride for the Brand in downtown Colorado Springs.

One woman captured it all on camera, as a longhorn broke away from its handlers, galloped onto the sidewalk, and found its way inside the Plaza of the Rockies on Tejon Street.

The video shows several people running to get out of the animal’s way.

Thankfully, not far behind the longhorn was cowboy Steven Heitman, who raced in right behind the cow, roped her, and led her back out onto the street.

Heitman was flanked by a team of other cowboys from ranches across the region, including Bob Banks, co-chair of the Ride for the Ranch Rodeo.

Banks tells FOX21 News it’s likely the animal, out of her element for the cattle drive, was a bit anxious.

He helped Heitman lead the cow to safety with the rest of the cattle. She was not hurt in the incident, nor were any onlookers.

No word on whether Friday’s incident will have any impact on future cattle drives.