Local roofers and contractors work to cleanup aftermath of large hail storm

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Homes across the southwest part of Colorado Springs were damaged Wednesday due to a large hailstorm that pummeled the area.

The storm swept through just before 4:00 pm Wednesday and it remained persistent for well over an hour. It started with heavy rain and pea-sized hail that eventually turned into golf-ball-sized hail; which left severe damage on dozens of homes.

Within just a few minutes of the storm clearing up on Wednesday our FOX21 News crew following the storm noticed several different roofing and construction companies showing up in neighborhoods. Companies started working on broken skylights and other broken windows immediately.

“It is crazy, there is major damage to the roofs and the siding on the houses on the south end of town,” Gus Peters, the President of AHP Construction Company said.

Peters stated his locally owned company has been serving the Colorado Springs area since 2001. He said they also expect homeowners to need deck and paintwork after this strong storm too.

“It was a pretty good storm,” Peters said.

AHP Construction Company’s advice is for homeowners to be smart about who they hand over money to when it comes to fixing up their homes.

“I see more scammers during the storms than any other time of the year. People are getting taken for their money. If you have a good company you are working with there is no reason they shouldn’t put shingles on your roof without a deposit,” Peters said.

He also stated it’s important for homeowners to have contractors and roofers examine the damage with their insurance representative. He said sometimes insurance agencies can miss damage and that is why it’s important to have a professional contractor with you.

“He can make sure the insurance company is paying what they need to pay and go to bat for you if they don’t,” Peters said.

One other step homeowners need to take he said was to ask for references for the company they are looking to hire and make sure to call on those references before they start working.

“Try to deal with someone locally and be very hesitant about giving someone money in advanced,” Peters said.

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