(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A room at Cottonwood Center for the Arts buzzed with the noise of multiple different conversations as small groups of people were gathered around the room, talking about their latest projects or catching up after years of being apart.

Most of the people in the room share the same passion, filmmaking.

They gathered for the 10th anniversary of the local networking event hosted by Peak Film Forum called “Show us your Shorts.” The monthly gathering, which takes place on the second Wednesday of every month, began in 2013 when Ralph Giordano was approached by Jamey Hastings, who worked for the library district at the time and wanted to start a film networking group.

“It began by two people getting together and deciding that it was time to have a film networking group in Colorado Springs,” said Giordano.

Giordano took the stage briefly and spoke of upcoming events hosted by Peak Film Forums parent group, the nonprofit, Independent Film Society of Colorado (IFSOC), with fellow board member Megan Macgrath. He then spoke about the importance of the event and how it was always meant to be about actors and filmmakers.

  • A crowd gathered to watch short films for Peak Film Forums Show us you Shorts
  • A crowd gathered to watch short films for Peak Film Forums Show us you Shorts

A filmmaker stood up and spoke of how many films wouldn’t have been made, groups of friends formed, and partnerships created, had the networking group not taken place.

Not only was the event a celebration of the 10-year anniversary, but many filmmakers from over the years had returned.

“It seemed that the networking actually achieved something. So many filmmakers and actors have met because of Peak Film Forum, that I know that the idea was a success,” said Giordano.

The showcase began with a couple of trailers for upcoming projects, before the main showcase, which featured the work of several filmmakers from over the past decade. Films of various styles and genres were shown; comedy, drama, experimental, and visual poetry. The sound of laughter during jokes and punchlines and the sound of applause during the credits were heard from the crowd.

A short film being shown at Peak Film Forum's Show us your Shorts
Courtesy: FOX21 Digital Producer Brett Yager

“I know a lot of filmmakers go to Vimeo and Youtube and whatnot, but it is different when you are seeing films with a live audience,” said Giordano “I don’t think that some of our newer filmmakers have ever had that opportunity before. I think this gives them that opportunity.”

The event ended with all the filmmakers standing on stage and introducing themselves. The audience was also given the chance to ask questions, and Giordano asked the filmmakers where their journeys had taken them since their work was originally shown.

Giordano closed the showcase with a reference to a series of skits from SNL, and the continuance of networking with other passionate artists.