Local man sets World Record at Manitou Incline

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MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. — A new record was broken at the Manitou Springs Incline Saturday. The record is also a world record for elevation ascended in a year.

Incline enthusiast Greg Cummings set a World Record for how many times he summited the Manitou Incline in one year. The number is 1,720 times.

With only 365 days in a year that’s an average of 5 summits a day.

“There is no secret its just perseverance spending the time up here and enduring the thing,” said record-setter Greg Cummings. “I have type 1 diabetes every and I’ve had it for 38 years and I have to deal with that on every single accent it’s just do your best, with what you got and try and persevere.”

The 62-year-old also said to be prepared before tackling something like the incline and reminded folks that slow and steady wins the race.

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