(ORDWAY, Colo.) – A local cannabis delivery service, called Jive Hyve, was created by two Colorado Springs veterans, with the focus of anonymity for their customers.

Without marijuana, one local veteran who suffers from PTSD said functioning in society is a challenge. He will be referred to as ‘The Veteran’ as he wanted to remain anonymous.

“Loud noises, flash, rapid movements around me… It just catches me off guard and puts me into a defensive mode. With marijuana use, I don’t feel defensive. I feel like I can experience that,” said The Veteran.

But the risk of being seen at a dispensary could cost him his job, and his Veteran’s Administration (VA) benefits. This is the story of many of Jive Hyve’s customers.

“Jive Hyve is providing a delivery service, a very discreet and private delivery service for people, former veterans particularly, and even executive professionals… so they can partake and not feel bad about it,” said The Veteran, who is an active customer of Jive Hyve.

Jive Hyve is the only cannabis delivery service of its kind in the entire state. Their company grows, packages, and delivers marijuana, to the El Paso County area.

“We get the response sometimes of, ‘hey, we thought maybe you’d be cops’… Most people are amazed that this is actually something that they can partake in,” said Mike, the co-founder of Jive Hyve.

The co-founders of Jive Hyve are veterans themselves. Even they didn’t want their last names mentioned, knowing firsthand about the importance of the anonymity they provide to their customers.

“Anonymity provides them the ability to continue the rest of their life without a stigma from cannabis, right, wrong or indifferent, the stigma still exists,” said Mike.

Even though marijuana has been legalized in Colorado for over a decade, the stigma surrounding the drug is ubiquitous. The Veteran explained that he knows many people that would rent cars, just so they could go to the dispensary without being seen. But with Jive Hyve, they no longer have to do that.

Jive Hyve has hundreds of customers that include doctors, lawyers, teachers, MMA fighters, cancer survivors, veterans, and more.

“The gratitude that we see from our customers, I can’t put it into words,” said Brandon, the other co-founder of Jive Hyve, getting teary-eyed. “I just know how much it helps people.”

Shopping on Jive Hyve is just like shopping on Amazon. The customer chooses what they want, adds it to their cart, and can get it delivered to their home as early as that day itself. Their selection is vast, the co-founders said that they have just as many, or more products than the average dispensary.

“We’ve got flower, we’ve got pre-rolls, we’ve got wax and other concentrates. We’ve got all sorts of edibles, we have topicals, lotions, tinctures…” said Mike.

Their facility is in Ordway, about an hour and a half away from where they deliver in the El Paso County area. At their facility, they have a 6000-square-foot greenhouse with rows and rows of marijuana plants. Their deliveries start at noon, and they drive almost four hours each day, just getting to and from the facility, not including the time it takes to deliver.

Jive Hyve delivers in an unmarked car and offers free delivery to anyone 21 and up within their approved delivery zones which are currently: Aurora, Greenwood Village, Monument, Fountain, Woodland Park, and unincorporated El Paso County (I.e. Security/Widefield, Falcon, Black Forest, Cimarron Hills, Stratmoor, Payton).

They operate through cashless transactions only, so customers can pay either at checkout while they are ordering, or when Jive Hyve delivers. If customers place their orders before noon, they can get same-day delivery, otherwise, it is next-day delivery. Upon delivery, Jive Hyve is required by law to see the person face-to-face and verify a valid ID.

“Although it sounds dramatic, some customers have actually cried tears of joy, when we deliver to them,” said Brandon.

Veterans are encouraging others to get the help they need.

“A lot of people in the military, you’re just taught your entire career to just kind of get through things. Put some dirt on it, drink some water… For any veteran that’s out there that is thinking about it, that needs help, that is a tremendous pain. I’m with you. Jive Hyve is with you,” said the Veteran.

The co-founders of Jive Hyve said they are working on expanding across the state and beyond.