COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Several local businesses — including Ashley’s Attic and Weber Street Liquor are battling it out — taking part in the “Business Battle of the Boxes” to collect feminine hygiene products for homeless women. It’s part of an intitiative started by the Success Collective Colorado Springs three years ago — a passion project for COO, Brittney Hansen.

Businesses are competing with one another to see who can collect the most donations. The organization hopes to collect 20 thousand products this year and that more businesses will join them in this effort. The winner will receive a trophy.

“[Feminine products] are things that are never donated to the shelter,” said Hansen. “And as you can imagine they’re quite costly. So, a lot of times what women have to come down to is ‘Am I buying a product or am I buying food?’ which that’s very hard because these are necessity items for life, especially as a woman. So, what we’re doing is, we’re doing a call of action to Colorado Springs through a fun event we’ve created.”

You can donate tampons, pads, new underwear (all sizes and styles) or even letters of encouragement for homeless women at these participating businesses:

The organization will also accept period underwear and menstrual cups.

The Success Collective Colorado Springs

The Success Collective CS says this healthy competition among businesses is a fun way to bring awareness to a serious subject and also give back to the community.

“People don’t know that over 85% of homeless women are fleeing domestic violence, which is a really hard statistic to take in. It’s not necessarily a mental or drug thing. It’s literally fleeing for their lives,” Hansen said.

Like many others, the Success Collective CS is adapting to the pandemic and is hoping others will help host Mini Panty Parties on May 7th at 7 p.m., instead of their normal big Panty Party from years past, to collect more products.

The organization will provide cocktail recipes and an official presentation, plus other party essentials. Locals can go to their website to sign up.

“Another [statistic] that I’ve recently read: 61% of young girls who have fled that are homeless were escaping sexual abuse. These are very hard statistics to talk about, and it’s the hard part of homelessness that I think a lot of us don’t think about. “

Hansen also says women are more at-risk of sex trafficking and sexual assault than men.

“So, if there’s one thing we can give these women dignity, the smallest thing we can do as a community is to provide those products that are necessary for every woman,” said Hansen.