Letecia Stauch’s letter to judge explains why she wants to represent herself

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Letecia Stauch / El Paso County Sheriff's Office

Letecia Stauch / El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

COLORADO SPRINGS — On Wednesday, the court handling the murder of Gannon Stauch has unsealed a handwritten letter from Letecia Stauch to the judge, asking that she be allowed to represent herself.

Letecia Stauch is accused of killing her 11-year-old stepson Gannon, who she reported missing in late January of 2020. His remains were eventually found in Florida.

Letecia Stauch is charged with:

  • Murder in the First Degree (Child Under Twelve – Position of Trust)
  • First-degree murder
  • Child Abuse Resulting in Death
  • Tampering with a Deceased Human Body
  • Tampering with Physical Evidence
  • Crime of violence (8 counts)

In the letter unsealed by the court, Letecia expressed her concern about her defense attorneys. She said she had concerns about privacy, and their “lack of ability to gather evidence.” Her main points were that communication was broken beyond repair, inconsiderate of evidence, sharing information with family members, and overlooking statute and evidence. She claims she hasn’t seen any evidence in a year.

She also mentioned in the letter that she was not mentally well. Letecia said that the attorneys were unable to obtain mental health records from South Carolina. She said that she was diagnosed with some type of illness (it was redacted in the letter) in 2016, after which she received treatment before work for over 28 hours of care. She explained further by saying that the school district let her medically resign. Letecia added that she was hospitalized in Canada for two days and when she returned home she received more treatment. She explained all of this to the judge so that he would understand why she was “all over the place some days” with her attorneys.

Also in the letter, Letecia believes that a doctor who was sent to examine her was actually an actress or friends with the District Attorney. She explained that the lady spoke to her about the D.A. in an unprofessional manner. She thinks her attorneys did this to make her look like a “perjurious individual.”

She also wrote, “indeed I am innocent” and alludes that two men are involved. She added that one man is a prominent member of an independent business. She said, “the court is holding the wrong person and for the wrong crimes.” She added that she’s been denied her rights under the constitution throughout the process.

Letecia concluded the letter by writing “my defense team is in cahoots with them (prosecution), I am left with no other choice but to represent myself.” Letecia continued by writing she was being held hostage for a crime she didn’t commit and that her mental health is getting worse.

Letecia Stauch’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 20.

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