EL PASO COUNTY — Letecia Stauch, the woman accused of killing her 11-year-old stepson, Gannon Stauch, is now charged with asking another inmate to help her escape the jail in El Paso County.

Stauch faces solicitation to commit escape, she was accused of sending multiple letters to that inmate, while awaiting her trial.

On May 18, inmate Theresa Borchard asked to speak with an El Paso County Deputy about receiving written plans of Stauch’s escape. According to court documents, Borchard said Stauch’s notes were passed to another inmates as well, and explained Stauch passed the appers under their doors or through the door jam.

Borchard gave two letters to a deputy, which she said Stauch had written. According to court documents, Borchard told the deputy Stauch had been making plans to escape and was looking for help. Borchard claims she had not read any of the letters because she had been in court that day.

According to the inmate, Stauch planned to use a broom handle to break her cell window, saying she’d measured it and believed she’d fit through. The deputy asked Borchard why Stauch would enlist her help to carry out this plan, at which point, Borchard described herself as “Italian and kind of the bad boy.” She also said Stauch thought she could pay Borchard to help.

The interviewing deputy asked Borchard if she did plan to help Stauch escape. Borchard said, “No way, that is why I told you about the letters to begin with.” Borchard said she didn’t want anything to do with Stauch and also did not want to make her own situation “worse”.

According to the court documents, both letters had similar handwriting and were written, partially, in code. They described an escape plan and mentioned payment.

In the first letter, the writer said “G-pa” was putting $75,000 in an account for a private attorney and the account would be opened for the author’s daughter to use as well. The author also wrote she would, “much rather use the money to survive if you know what I mean.” Plus, “You have my word to make sure we are MIA. I got us covered!”

One of the letters stated the writer was having a visitor at 8 p.m., which lined up with Stauch having a visit with a social worker. Deputies say that points to Stauch being the author.

The second letter include a drawing of a cell window, accompanied by a note reading: “it’s perfect” next to the picture. The author claimed to be “dead serious” and asked Borchard to “think hard.” A sentence written at the bottom of the letter directed the reader to throw the paper “in the toilet”.

Deputies say they searched Stauch’s cell and found another letter addressed to “Sweetie.” They say the handwriting in that letter looked similar to what they saw in the first two letters. Stauch’s daughter’s name was seen on the back of one of the pages.

According to court documents, a note included in the letter found in Stauch’s cell was “something comes up on the news like she is no longer in the jail or is missing to not be afraid.” It asked the reader to act normally, focus, and to trust the author.

This new information will be brought up in the status conference Friday, June 5.