Let it snow! 2020-2021 snowfall continues to climb near average

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Snow fell across southern Colorado Monday overnight and throughout the day on Tuesday, creating a messy commute across town.

FOX21 Digital NOW is breaking down the snowfall for this 2020-2021 season.

Here’s the current snow totals compared to last snow season:

Although we just had a nice round of snow, we’re not meeting the average just yet.

Colorado Springs has received 16.4 inches of snow for the 2020-2021 season. Last snow season, we received 25.6 inches.

Overall moisture

We ended 2020 with 9.89 inches of precipitation (either rain or melted snow). The normal amount is 16.54 inches per year. That means we are 6.65 inches below average.

FOX21 Storm Team Meteorologist Emily Roehler said it’s not enough to make a difference in the state’s current drought.

“This isn’t actually going to chip away at it too much. We need to have consistent rain and snow events to do that and these have been spaced pretty far apart. It’s just not enough to where we’re going to see any meaningful change just yet.”

FOX21 Storm Team Meteorologist Emily Roehler

And, the glistening snowy scenery of Colorado Springs won’t look like a snow globe for much longer.

“We’re warming up really fast, so by the middle of this week we’re going to be up in the 50’s so we’re going to melt this off pretty quickly,” Meteorologist Roehler said.

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