PUEBLO, Colo. — To meet the state’s goal of getting 940,000 Electric Vehicles (EV) on the road by 2030, a local utility company is encouraging Coloradans to shift to EVs.

‘Join the EV revolution’ – it’s the theme behind Black Hills Energy‘s latest rebate.

“It’s a grassroots effort, and we’re just trying to spread the word and let people understand that EVs are a lot easier to get into than most people realize,” said Erik Lundeen, the EV Program Manager for Black Hills Energy.

To accelerate EV infrastructure in our state, Black Hills Energy is offering its customers more opportunities to get into an EV.

“It’s making it a lot easier to take Puebloans and Southern Coloradans to get the structure they need because they’ve been waiting for it,” Lundeen explained.

By shifting into an EV, electric customers of Black Hills Energy will receive help covering the cost of charging equipment and installation.

“They’ll be able to go wherever they need to go and there’s going to be a charge available to them,” Lundeen said.

With help from the Colorado Department of Transportation, six highways in Colorado are approved for federal grant money to increase charging stations.

“That allows drivers to complete their daily driving needs in an EV,” Christian Williss, the Senior Director of Transportation Fuels and Technology for the Colorado Energy office said.

Colorado Energy is working with utility companies to make it possible for people to travel anywhere in the state in an EV.

“Certainly different utilities are taking a different approach and some are further along than others, but you know, right now we’re seeing more consumer interest in EV than we’ve ever seen before,” Williss explained.

Black Hills Energy said there are a lot of reasons why people haven’t adopted an EV yet.

“We always hear about range anxiety, we hear about infrastructure anxiety, how am I going to be able to charge, and what about the time to charge,” Lundeen asked. “There’s a lot of these obstacles, but the good news is there’s a lot of work that’s being done right now.”

FOX21 also reached out to Colorado Springs Utilities for comment and they provided the following statement:

“Colorado Springs Utilities is monitoring the evolution of electric vehicle (EV) technology and our customers’ adoption rate. We continually evaluate the how an EV charging rebate would benefit our entire customer base. As a municipal utility, it is important that every rebate we offer provides a positive impact on the most customers. We have run some limited testing to see how our market will react and will use the data gained from this testing to help develop a possible EV charger rebate program in the future. We have also set up several charging stations around the city for public use. This includes Level 2 chargers at John Pinkerton Service Center, Leon Young Service Center, the Conservation and Environmental Center, and the Kiowa Street Garage as well as a DCFC in the City Parking Garage on Nevada Avenue.”