(COLORADO SPRINGS) — U.S. Representative Doug Lamborn released a statement on Thursday, Jan. 5 expressing strong support for U.S. Representative Kevin McCarthy in the ongoing battle over votes for the House Speakership.

Congressman Lamborn said, “For the past two years, American families have suffered under the Democrat’s far-Left policies.”

Lamborn brought up what he called the negative impacts lockdowns have had on kids and education, violent crime and soft-on-crime policies, and the border crisis and its impact on all states. He accused the Biden administration and Democrats of having no plans to fix these problems while saying Republicans do.

“That is why I join former President Trump, my friend Representative Jim Jordan, and over 90% of House Republicans in strongly supporting Representative Kevin McCarthy for Speaker. Under his leadership, the House GOP’s Commitment to America will get our nation back on track,” Lamborn said.

According to Lamborn, Republicans have plans to address strengthening the economy, increasing safety for American families, increasing border security, and holding the Biden administration accountable.

Lamborn said, “As a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, I believe that Kevin McCarthy’s Commitment to America agenda fosters a stronger approach to national defense. With Speaker McCarthy’s leadership we will counter China, investigate the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, and bolster our military capabilities.”

Lamborn went on to castigate the Republicans who have been refusing to back Congressman McCarthy’s bid for the Speakership.

“Right now, as the vote for speaker is being held hostage by a small faction of our party, the Biden administration is going unchecked. There is no oversight of the White House, State Department, Department of Defense, or the intelligence community, and the border remains open. We cannot let personal politics place the safety and security of the United States at risk,” Lamborn said.

Lamborn has joined other Republicans, such as Jim Jordan and President Trump, in urging support for McCarthy.

“That is why I am urging my colleagues in Congress to join me in supporting Representative Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House. Under his leadership, the Republican-led House can get to work for the American people and stop the far-Left from pushing our nation towards socialism and insolvency,” Lamborn said.