Keeping your pets safe on Fourth of July with help from Wag N Wash

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COLORADO SPRINGS– Loud noises can be triggering for your anxious pets and with Fourth of July fireworks booming in nearby neighborhoods and local parties becoming rowdy, our furry friends become frightened and on edge. 

Here are a few tips to help calm our pets during our Fourth of July festivities according to Wag N Wash.

CBD Oil — When the firework show starts, CBD oil can help ease the anxiety and stress our pets are experiencing from the loud booms. These products are available for pets as edibles, oils or tinctures, and are a great treat to offer them as a distraction from all the noise. For CBD, it is always important to do your research on the product and choose reputable brands that are free of additives before giving them to your pup for the first time. 

Anxiety Vests —  Anxiety vests are another great way to curve an uneasy pet during the Fourth. These vests are designed to reduce stress and anxiety by applying gentle pressure around the pet’s body. Allowing our pets to wear these vests around the house this Fourth of July will help them feel safe during the confusion they feel from the unfamiliar noises. 

Create Distractions —  White noise machines and loud television programs are also key in helping drown out the holiday celebrations. Try to keep your pets in a confined room with these distractions as much as possible. A familiar bedroom with a yummy bone or chew toy and the TV turned up/music on will help block out the firework sounds. 

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