‘It’s kind of a weight finally lifted’: Al Stauch divorces woman accused in son’s death

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Al Stauch, the father of 11-year-old Gannon who was killed last year, addressed the media after finalizing his divorce from Letecia Stauch Friday.

“It’s kind of a weight finally lifted,” Al Stauch said, just outside the El Paso County Courthouse.

His now ex-wife did not attend Friday’s hearing.

Letecia Stauch is accused of killing the young boy, who she reported missing in late January of 2020. His remains were eventually found in Florida.

Al Stauch addresses the media on April 30, 2021.

“[Gannon] will always be the center of this,” Al Stauch said to a group of reporters. It’s been months or more since he’s spoken publicly. “As you saw [in court], there’s – some of the things that we had to discuss about him – you know, drew some emotions.”

And the path to justice for his son, Al Stauch said, has been an expensive one.

“Every month it’s a – I’m not going to go into specifics, but it’s a couple of thousand dollars. Between attorney’s fees as we discussed, and evidence that I’m still having to pay – for a lot of different reasons. Yeah, it’s a heavy financial burden,” he said.

In February, a judge granted Letecia Stauch the ability to represent herself in court.

Letecia Stauch / El Paso County Sheriff's Office
Letecia Stauch / El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

“She’s done a lot of things that people might question and question her about,” Al Stauch said. “None of it surprises me at this point.”

For now, it seems Gannon’s father is confident that justice will prevail.

“Nothing will trump the loss for me and [Gannon’s biological mother and sister], that we feel every day with Gannon. But to compound it… with financial issues, the emotional stress, and just the daily – having to live with these things going on,” Al Satuch explained. “But we still got a long way to go and we’re going to make it all the way through it.”

Letecia Stauch is expected to appear in court for the criminal case against her on May 5.

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