‘Absolutely disgusting’ Rust-colored water flows from Colorado Springs apartment faucet

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Two Colorado Springs apartment renters have been experiencing water discoloration issues for months.

One resident of the Aviator Apartments on Murray, Raine Bradish said sometimes the water is rust-colored or black and other times it’s fine. Regardless, she said the property managers say the water is safe to drink.

“I have to buy cases from water and Walmart or Costco. Sometimes I can’t even cook because the water is so bad,” said Bradish.

FOX21 reached out to the property management company Portico who sent the following statement:

Unfortunately, the property did experience major plumbing issues in 2020, including a water main break which caused a significant inconvenience to several of our residents. Our residents have been extremely patient, and we regret that they were affected while repairs were completed.

Thankfully, we can confirm that those issues have been fully resolved. The majority of the property’s internal plumbing system was ultimately replaced, and we have worked closely with the city to ensure that those improvements and repairs were completed according to standard.

Your inquiry referenced a specific instance of water discoloration, which did temporarily impact
a portion of our units in the fall (2020), but again, those issues were fully resolved. Additional
improvements and upgrades are in progress throughout the community, and we look forward
to providing our residents with a better experience this year.
That is all the information we will be providing at this time. Thank you again for reaching out.”

Kyle Talmage
Regional Director
Portico Property Management

“It hasn’t been fixed! It wasn’t just in 2020. I have a picture on my phone taken on Jan. 19, 2021, 7:02 pm the water is red and rusty,” said Samantha Beckner.

Beckner lived across the hall from Bradish and moved out after the water issues were not fixed.

“It’s a hazard, a health hazard,” Beckner added.

FOX21 also checked in with the local leasing office who said they were “told not to say anything,” but added, “we’ve been doing everything we can.”

Rent at the building is anywhere between $1,455 and $2,680 per month plus about a $60 water bill tacked on top of that.

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