‘It moved me over like a boat’: Colorado Springs woman survives mudslide in Glenwood Canyon

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COLORADO SPRINGS — On Wednesday, I-70 near Glenwood Canyon is under a flash flood warning. It comes after a Colorado Springs mother was caught in a mudslide that happened in the same area last weekend.

April Lavely-Robinson was coming back from a trip to Utah when it started raining in the Glenwood Canyon area. An area where there is a burn scar from last summer’s Grizzly Creek Fire. She said traffic was moving around 40 mph when in a split second mud took over her car.

“I knew when the mud hit, I knew exactly what was happening. I knew I was in a mudslide and it was very dangerous and I just need to get out,” Lavely-Robinson described. “At that point, I slammed on the gas as hard as I could, kind of fishtailed a bit, and went over two boulders that had fallen down from the mountain and I just went and got out.”

She traveled to the nearest rest stop. She’s thankful she didn’t have her two kids in tow. Lavely-Robinson said there wasn’t a scratch on the car just a ton of mud to cleanout. This was the second mudslide of the weekend. The debris was 70-feet wide with mud approximately five to seven feet deep. Both east and westbound lanes of I-70 were closed. No injuries were reported.

“The force of the mud, I have an SUV and it moved me over like a boat,” Lavely-Robinson added. “All of the windows on the driver’s side went completely black, my window wipers were on so I could see that I was heading towards the guardrail and I was able to jump into action then.”

She was able to make it home the same night in her own car. Lavely-Robinson said she is lucky to be alive.

“It was a very scary situation but at the same time it was very humbling, and beautiful knowing that there was so many people who just wanted to help even though their travel plans got ruined or canceled or delayed,” Lavely-Robinson said. “They still came to help a purple hair girl with tattoos.”

This is actually the second natural disaster she’s lived through in the car. The first one was in 2018 she said she got stuck in a tornado with softball size hail near Limon. Lavely-Robinson said she used pillows to hold up the windows. In August, her family plans to make the same trek on I-70 to Utah for a wedding.

“There’s a beautiful saying there are sharks in the ocean but we still swim,” Lavely-Robinson said. “So we are still going.”

I-70 reopened through Glenwood Canyon after flash flood warning safety closure

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