COLORADO SPRINGS- Not only is this year’s space symposium putting Colorado on the map for space technology in the U.S. but helping other countries as well.

The 37th annual Space Foundation Space Symposium invites space leaders, entrepreneurs, and those interested in the industry to the event.

With lifted restrictions this year, nearly 40 countries are sharing their advancements and technology at this year’s event. Countries such as Germany, Italy, Australia and Canada said they are happy to be back.

“It is a really a dynamic environment in which you can really discuss and compare different policies in different countries,” Maria Cristina Falvella Inspector General at the Italian Space Agency said.

Each country bringing their latest in space technology and making connections with other world leaders abroad.

“We have to showcase what we have done, and especially the satellites we just launched last Friday. We are very proud to announce this special achievement to the whole community,” Peter Shardt, German Space Agency said.

Gavin Turnbull, Air Vice-Marshal (AVM) and Australian Team Defense lead said events like the symposium are important for them as they continue to build their space command.

“The government has committed billions of dollars to to triple the size of our space sector by 2030 and they’re really serious about it,” Turnbull said. ” this show has shown us and even the very large companies that this the type of stuff that the Australians are bringing to the table here is a things that they need and that they want.”

Each making a name for themselves and expanding how Earth and space can be discovered.

“It’s a great opportunity to see people in person to make initial connections, and then the conversations start from there,” Kathryn Burkell, Canada Consul & Trade commissioner said.

Each making connections to grow the future of space together.

“This leading edge of development in space, the the kinds of technology that are being developed. We can’t do it alone. ” Turnbull said.

“I think this is a great moment. We have the opportunity to see to make the future not only to see the future. And this is a privilege,” Cristina Falvella said.

For more about the Space Foundation’s space symposium visit their website.