DENVER — One of America’s most beloved TV sitcoms is coming off the small screen and into an interactive exhibit near you.

“The Friends Experience” opened on Thursday, putting a 21st century spin on the 90’s hit. The traveling exhibit, originally from New York, is just a short walk from the Cherry Creek Shopping Center and will remain open through Labor Day.

Denver is now the eighth city across the U.S. to see the traveling exhibit, and Friends fans are already flocking to the new space.

“We have 12 nostalgia packed rooms here, as well as activations that are a combination of set recreations as well as aspects of the show,” said Jamaal Orr, Vice President of Marketing for Superfly X.

The exhibit includes recreations of several iconic spaces including, Joey and Chandler’s apartment, Monica and Rachel’s kitchen, and Central Perk, just to name a few.

“The set is a collaboration between Warner Bros. and Superfly X, and it was a very long process where the producers sat down and literally deconstructed the original space and studio,” said Orr.

Favorite scenes and special moments from the show are brought to life, and fans are encouraged to snap photos and take videos.

“And, I think if you’re a super fan of the show, you’re going to walk in, see, and really be surprised by just how close it is to the actual experience of watching a show,” said Orr.

Before fans go inside the exhibit, there is also ‘The Friends Experience Store,’ where the public is invited to stop by, even if they don’t have a ticket to the exhibit. Fans can find everything from t-shirts, mugs, and other memorabilia.

Aside from the iconic set that the exhibit explores, there are several spots inside where the public can learn more about those behind-the-scenes of Friends.

“There’s one special area, which is an interview with Debra McGuire, and she’s the woman that did the actual costume design for Friends. She’s a fine artist, so she looked at each of the ensemble cast as a painting, and chose color palettes that represented each character,” said Orr.

If you’d like to visit ‘The Friends Experience,’ buying tickets online prior to visiting the space is highly encouraged, as there are timed-entry tickets for fans to explore the space. Get your tickets, here.