COLORADO SPRINGS — Hundreds around the country and in Colorado rallied in favor to impeach President Donald Trump Tuesday night.

An impeachment rally was held at Acacia Park in downtown Colorado Springs to remind elected officials that nobody is above the law.

For how frigid the temperature was during the rally around 5:30 p.m. a couple hundred people showed up.

“I think it’s important whichever side you’re on, you are still a member of this country, you’re a voter, you’re maybe born or maybe not born here, but still a citizen and it’s important to at least come out and say what you think,” said Colorado Springs resident Liz Hallahan.

U.S. House Candidate Jillian Freeland helped organize the event. She along with many other democratic and city leaders spoke about legislators responsibility to uphold the constitution and keep with the oath they swore upon entrance to office.

“I don’t believe that any elected official should ever be permitted to break the law under any circumstance,” said Peyton resident Geoffrey Etaugh.

The Colorado Springs rally was just one of more than 600 locations across the nation. Another big turnout was in Pueblo, Denver and Aspen. Many at the rally in the Springs believe President Trump isn’t working in the best interest of our country. They hope their voices were heard before Wednesdays historic debate.

“I think he just needs to step down we need someone better to represent us,” Hallahan added.

Those at the rally chanted “this is what democracy looks like,” and “hey-hey, ho-ho, Donald Trump has got to go.”

There was just a handful of counter protesters but there was no conflict among the groups.

If the majority of the House votes to impeach President Trump there will still have to be a trial in the Senate.