CRESTONE, Colo – The Saguache County Sheriff’s office says the human remains found on Monday evening near the North Crestone Campground was the scattered ashes of a recently deceased person.

The Sheriff’s Office said it received a tip about possible human bones near the forest service gate on Saguache County Road 71. When the sheriff’s office arrived on the scene, they found the bones, which appeared to be human, and they looked like they were cremated.

An investigation found the remains were human and had been scattered by family members as a final resting place for their loved ones when they could not get to the North Crestone Trailhead due to the time of year and the access road being closed for the season.

The Saguache County Sheriff’s said it is saddened that the deceased’s final resting place was disturbed. However, they added the Saguache County Coroner is working with the family to return the remains to their loved ones.

The Saguache County Sheriff’s office says that it respects the tradition of scattering the ashes of loved ones in places that the family and friends of the deceased hold unique to them. However, they ask if you do it, to place the ashes in areas that are not noticeable to the traveling public.