(SOUTHERN COLORADO) — With snow blowing in on Thursday, October 27 in Colorado Springs and across the Pikes Peak Region, it is an important reminder to prepare your home for this winter season.

FOX Weather has compiled helpful tips on preparing for winter and the storms that may roll in:

  • First, check the local forecast. Keeping an eye on incoming weather allows for preparation time. You can check out the local forecast from the FOX21 Storm Team for all weather updates.
  • FOX Weather recommends having an emergency food reserve. Gather three days’ worth of non-perishable foods that don’t need to be heated to eat and a gallon of water per person per day. Don’t forget the can opener.
  • Check your pets. Have extra food and water for your pets and bring them inside. If they cannot be brought in, make sure they will be warm enough. “Place identifying collars and tags with your contact info on your pets. You can also microchip them.”
  • Get your family on the same page. Make an emergency plan that everyone knows in case of stressful situations. Know where your important documents are.
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  • Snowy grass Mike Duran
  • Weatherproof that house. Make sure your insulation is up to the task and add where needed. Check the caulking and weatherstripping around doors and windows. If possible, look into energy-efficient and weather-resistant window installation. Covering windows with plastic from the inside is a cheap alternative in the short term.
  • Inspect outside the home. Trim the tree branches that could become a hazard. Make sure to disconnect hoses and blow out sprinklers to prevent pipes from freezing. Open or close necessary vents for your home.
  • Don’t get beaten by the flue. Have the chimney or flue inspected yearly, as the buildup can create a fire hazard.
  • Always practice good fire safety. Check smoke alarms around the house and make sure to have a dry-chemical fire extinguisher ready just in case.