Tips to avoid post-pandemic pet surrenders

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Pet shelters nationwide have seen an increase in the number of adopted animals being returned to them after their owners return to work.

Behavior problems can be one of the factors that lead to surrendering pets. HSPPR explains what you should consider if you are experiencing this.

“You’re going to see a lot of panting and pacing from dogs. Sometimes vocalizing. They’re going just seem a little restless. A lot of times with a change in routine you’re going to see some sort of backlash, especially if you’ve done none of these gradual attempts to break your dog away from being at your side all the time,” said Pet Behavior Specialist Maya Mcfeeley said.

“The HSPPR is here to be a resource for the community, so if you are no longer able to care for your pet we hope that you bring them to us so that we can find them a new home,” HSPPR Community Relations Manager Gretchen Pressley said.

Routines can be very tough with dogs, its how they central their whole day, according to HSPPR.

“Breaking that very abruptly can be very stressful and make them very anxious. You wanna slowly build your time which you’re away from them,” Mcfeeley explained. “You’re away from them, you want to make your return kind of nonevent. You don’t want your pets to feel like they should be having this huge reaction when you come home.”

“People have surrendered their pets to us for so many reasons,” Pressley added. “Many of which they can’t help especially in this current climate. Lots of people are moving because they have lost their jobs. Having to move in with family, getting ill, and can no longer care for their pets. We are here to be a resource without judgment for anyone who needs our help.”

HSPPR said working very gradually and making sure that your animal is comfortable with you leaving for a full day of work.

Luckily, HSPPR confirmed that they have not seen an increase in surrenders at their shelter, in fact, the opposite. There are currently over 400 cats and kittens in their foster home program.

If you would like to see how you can help or would like to see the resources they offer click here.

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