(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Egg prices may have you thinking of alternative options, and perhaps one of those is owning chickens. The City of Colorado Springs allows property owners to keep up to 10 chickens ages six months or older, however, roosters are prohibited.

According to JJ Johnson, Assistant Manager for Tractor Supply in Monument, there has been an influx of calls to the store about customers inquiring about buying chickens. Tractor Supply said it should be getting in its baby chicks in about five weeks, around March.

Johnson told FOX21 News that Tractor Supply has also been steadily selling items needed for chicks including; heat lamps, chicken grit, and chicken starter.

FOX21 also spoke with Big R of Colorado Springs, and its store is also seeing an increase in calls and inquiries regarding its baby chicks. While they do not have any to buy right now, the store will possibly have its baby chicks in by early April.

Big R echoed what Tractor Supply told us, in that its supplies to care for chickens are being sold at a higher rate, especially with the recent cold temperatures, and supplies like heat bulbs and lamps are being sold quickly.

According to the City’s website regarding animal regulations, there are parameters for how to shelter both rabbits and chickens. “Shelters for rabbits or chickens must contain at least four (4) square feet for each rabbit or chicken and must meet all other applicable zoning and building codes and regulations.”

The “average dozen carton of white, grade A eggs is $2.92,” which is up $1.70 from 2022, according to a Fox News article.

For more information on buying or taking care of baby chicks, you can call Tractor Supply or Big R, or go online to the stores’ websites.