COLORADO SPRINGS — Health leaders say high winds in our area are causing a spike in pollen allergies.

Pollen allergy season usually begins in February and continues through early summer, depending on where you live. The weather plays a large role in how pollen affects people; a windy day causes pollen and other allergens to be blown around, making it more likely to be inhaled.

Doctor advise staying inside on days with a higher pollen or mold count. This can help you avoid unnecessary exposure to triggers.

“It’s a beautiful state so obviously you can’t live in a bubble,” said James Fulton, M.D. at Asthma and Allergy Associates. “But for those patients that do have bad pollen allergies I usually tell, keeping the windows closed during the bad time of year can help.”

For those with the most severe symptoms, consider allergy shots. It can be extremely effective at treating the root cause of allergies and changing the body’s reaction to them.