(LAKE GEORGE, Colo.) — Swirl down a rural, dirt road, and to your right, an icy river flows. Ahead lies Lake George, and near it, a hidden gem; A 75-foot tall ice wall.

The need for layers is a must against the chilly ice, which rarely feels the warmth of the sun.

Throughout history, the wall was once farmed for ice and sold to the nearby town. Now though, the wall is used for something more recreational, ice climbing.

Front Range Climbing Company operates the wall. Dan Wert owns the company and said that the ice wall, which is a short drive from Colorado Springs, will open to the public for Friday Night Ice.

During this time, the wall, which can be booked through the link above, allows climbers to scale the 75 feet up through varying difficulties.

“It’s going to be all lit up with bonfires and it’s just going to be a cool night for the ice-climbing community, near the Springs,” stated Wert.